Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tick, Tock...

I don't know where time is going these days. The hours fly by and before I can blink, another page on the calendar has turned. It's almost time for turkey yet I am in disbelief that the year is almost over. Where did it go? Specifically where did the last month go and why haven't I updated this blog or snagged more treasuries lately? Oh yeah. It's that thing called time. That thing that I seem to be losing more and more of lately. With all of time honored clich├ęs that I could spout off right now, I found it only fitting to create a treasury dedicated to this crazy thing that we never seem to have enough of.

So here it is… Tick Tock. If you can't stop time, you might as well watch it slip by in one of these whimsical clocks created by these incredible time keeping artists: 1byliz, IMOTIME, bethberg, finkgifts, zulasurfing, MantaWave, StarlingInk. DecibelProductions, thestapeliacompany, YOUgNeek, StJoshua, QuiteRightSlick