Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So I finally did the impossible. I actually talked my husband into going as Elvis for Halloween. Finally - after all of these years - he's going as the King himself and I couldn't be more excited about it. I failed to convince him that the white jumpsuit Elvis is pure awesomeness, but I did manage to talk him into a tamer, less flashy version – Jailhouse Rock Elvis

Surprisingly, it has been a fairly easy costume to assemble. He already has a black retro-ish jacket and black jeans so all he really needs is the striped prison shirt which I actually found with one little Google search. All that's left to finish his outfit off is a black wig with wicked side burns and that shouldn't be too difficult to find.

So this brings me to my latest treasury, Striped. I've had stripes on the brain lately since I just picked up the perfect black-and-white convict tee from Hot Topic to complete his ensemble. Not only has it been enjoyable to plan out his costume, but it also reminded me that stripes are fun and whimsical, bold and graphic – just like these incredible sellers. Enjoy! (Thank you. Thank you very much…)

The line-up: studiomme, KatHannah, onlygooddreams, NatureVisions, Zygopsyche, h00ked, nakarastyle, vivikas, larimeloom, StudioLeanne, jiajiadoll, maryjudy

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Storm

I've been missing-in-action the last couple of weeks due to a lovely flu-bug that knocked me for a loop. It wasn't the swine thankfully, just a good ol' fashioned dose of ick. I am just finally getting caught up on everything that seemed to pile up under my box of Nyquil. I started having treasury withdrawals so I waited up an extra hour last night just to snag one and get myself back in the game.

The weather here in Los Angeles has been very fickle. It's been teasing us with a glimpse of fall only to yank it away and return the blasted summer heat. We had two wonderfully gloomy days that were cool enough to pull out the sweater, turn off the air conditioner and open all of the windows.  The rain came down and autumn was in there air. But that was yesterday. Today it was a painful 96 degrees in the San Fernando Valley and the a/c unit was cranking once again. 96 degrees. That’s. Not. Right.

So here's my treasury, The Storm, in honor of fall and the few sweet days we actually experienced of it. And here are the incredible artists that contributed such dark and lovely items to my rainy day treasury. Enjoy! thelittlefox, mariterecr, HelenesDreams, DJVV, DeliciousHobo, starwillowstudio, SewMo, lewfoster, AnnaArtiste, craftycrowvintage, happyKATT, FiregypsyVintage