Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vampin' It Up

I have always loved the vampires. I was a fan of Anne Rice long before Brad Pitt ever assumed the role of the beautiful, tortured Louis. And Catherine Denueve couldn't have been more elegant as one of my favorite blood suckers in The Hunger. I used to swoon and sway to the sounds of The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and of course, Bauhaus.  I have always loved the mystery of the vampire long before Hot Topic made it trendy and long before they ever *gasp* sparkled. Heck, I remember when Hot Topic first opened in the mall. And we weren't happy about it either.

Flash forward to present day. I've traded in my patent leather stilettos for a cute pair of sensible wedges. My living room is my new dance floor and the sounds of Mickey Mouse and his friends are the DJs. My three-year-old is my dance partner and while my favorite color will always be blood red, I'm forced into a pastel world colored in pinks and purples. Don't get me wrong, I love this bright and cheery life of mine, but every now and then I like to revisit the dark side. Lucky for me vampires have made a comeback in full force.

I have fallen for Vampire Bill on True Blood and I have been pleasantly surprised at how addicted I am to the Vampire Diaries. I was actually sad after the season finale last week. What?? I have to wait months for more Salvatore brothers?  Sigh... And this is what prompted my latest Etsy treasury, He Whispered. So while I wait for Sookie Stackhouse and her band of handsome vamps to return for the summer, this is a little something to tide us all over.

Enjoy, sucker!

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