Friday, August 6, 2010

The Saucy Circus

Etsy recently changed the way their treasury system works. In the good ol’ days you needed a little bit of luck, a little bit of math and a lot of patience to “snag” a treasury once it reached the magical number of 333. It was fun, it was exciting, but it was also very frustrating at times. You couldn’t change your mind and once your chose your title the game was over. You were stuck. No wonder there were so many treasuries entitled “?????” because that was a nicer way of typing out “What the *Bleep* Am I going to Call This?”

I also found it very sad when a treasury expired and disappeared from the Etsy universe. I carefully plan out my designs, thoughtfully selecting each artist to compliment the theme and overall picture. I spend time on my treasuries. I care about them. I don’t like to see them vanish after a few, short days.  Treasuries are another form of artistic expression and I’m happy to see they now have a permanent home (other than here on my blog).

This new treasury system is fun in a different way than the previous version. While you no longer feel like you’ve hit a small jackpot, you have a lot more control over your design and how it gets viewed. Before you were allowed to create only one treasury at a time - and only one - even if you have multiple shops. Now you are allowed to curate as much as you like and showcase them with just one link.

One of the biggest additions is the ability to promote your designs through social media outlets. The big ones like Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon are a simple click away. And there is incentive to use them. The more clicks, views and comments your treasury gets, the closer to the top of the list it will move which is where you want to be. You could possibly even achieve the ultimate status goal - making the front page. It’s a brilliant move on Etsy’s part. Let the users do all of the promotional work.

So here it is... My first treasury created on the new system. It’s called The Saucy Circus and it was inspired by my dear friend’s sassy, new line, Voluscious Wear. Enjoy!

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