Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cocktails, Darling?

There is something so wonderfully divine about having a cocktail party. Not a hang-out-in-jeans party, but an actual get-dressed-up-and-sip-from-real-stemware kind of soiree. Something elegant and swanky. Something that Holly Golightly herself would attend. 

I'm long over due to play the hostess role that I cultivated for many years before my little one arrived. Lately I've had the urge to hide the stuffed animals, put away the plastic toys and remove the miniature potties from the bathrooms – at least just for one night. I've been itching to pull out my stilettos, unpack the martini glasses and turn on a bit of Dean Martin for an evening reminiscent of a time long ago. 

While I contemplate actually planning this cozy cocktail event, I've designed my latest treasury, The Soiree, as my inspiration and motivation. So break out the bubbly and enjoy these glamorous sellers!

The featured shops: laralewis, RockZombieOldies, stemmefatale, makye77, LovelyVintageEtc, wheredidyougetthat, retrovertigo, allunique, Lorinczi, vintagestyle101, thevintagetreehouse, ardithanngray

The alternate items: thepickers, PhoenixDoveVintage, retrochique, MarciG

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