Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are You Ready?

Times have certainly changed. My Friday nights used to consist of a ton of make up, ridiculously high heeled shoes and lots of loud music on a dance floor. It would take me at least a good hour just to get ready. What do I do now? It's an exciting night when a Treasury becomes available. If I can spend an hour cultivating the perfect list by browsing my favorite shops and discovering new artists, I'm a happy girl. It's even more exciting if I can do all of this before 11:00 pm. Oh, how times have changed.

The Main Treasury became available last night and I thought I was going to miss it since we had our weekly family dinner at the in-laws, but I managed to make it home in time. I was even able put the kiddo to bed and jump online with 30 whole minutes to spare. So this is how I spent my evening and it's about as wild as I get these days. I even stayed up until midnight. The title is Are You Ready and these sellers can spice up any Friday night. Are you ready? Enjoy!

Here are the artists that make up this bold design:

Mariska, GooseGrease, MoonlightAura, LipsonRobotics, HouseofHissy, HappyFamily, StarletVintage, ButtFreckle, MariesVintage, TheNightjar, HarrietsImagination, EvelynX


  1. i know all too well how times have changed-! i do the same with treasuries,however,last night i missed it!. I got up to get a glass of water came back and the treasury was full!!! i was soooooooo annoyed! But i am sure you know how that is !!!!.... ; )

  2. I have missed many treasuries by stepping away for just a moment thinking I had some solid time left. I've also waited and waited only to realize I wasn't logged in! That's the worst! xoxo, MR