Thursday, August 27, 2009


Who couldn't use a little help with their Etsy shop? Thankfully there are several amazing sites out there to lend a hand. There's Craftopolis and the awesome Treasure Clock and Treasure Hunt features that make snagging Treasuries a breeze. There's also Craftcult and their Heart-o-Matic that shows you how many hearts you have, how many items are loved by viewers and other fun stats about your shop.  And now there's a new Etsy tool on the scene -

Developed by a fellow Etsy artist, tronaHUE, Cr8tivity displays stats on your shop such as who hearts you, if they are a seller, when they made you a favorite and where they are located. Pretty neat. Like Craftopolis, there is a breakdown of your hearted items, however Cr8tivity also allows you to Twitter the information, jump directly to the item on Etsy or post a link on Facebook.

There are also handy-dandy pie charts to break down your shop's statistics and another fun feature called Shop Helpers that contains a downloadable Excel file designed to help manage your store. Another Helper feature in the works is a "product flyer maker" to assist you in creating instant marketing tools to promote your shop.  Very, very cool.

Check it out. Bookmark it and if you feel the work is beneficial drop a little donation their way to keep the creativity flowing. It's shops like tronaHUE that help everyone in the Etsy community.


  1. Rosina,
    I just wanted to thank you again for posting this.

  2. My pleasure! You have created an awesome service to help so many shops out there... it's the least I could do!