Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go Hogg Wild!

There are so many reasons I love being a part of Etsy. I love having a place to sell my creations, but I also love shopping in this amazing community of artists. Unlike shopping at a mall or buying factory generated goods, through Etsy you can put a voice to the person you are buying from. You are one step away from the designer, one step away from their personal story, one step away from their creativity.

Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting another Etsy shop owner who opened her store around the same time I launched MiaRosina. I saw her cute icon of a little pig as I was scrolling through Etsy's Pounce search engine of undiscovered shops (Pounce has an "undiscovered" and "just sold" search option). I enjoyed her witty writing and I loved the story behind the name of her store, a bath and body shop called Hoggwash named appropriately after her last name – Hogg. I just had to order something from this little gem of a boutique. I was her first customer.

The package quickly arrived in the mail. She included a sweet, handwritten note and an extra bottle of lovely perfume oil for being customer #1. You will not get that kind of extra special, personal attention from any retail store. I know how she felt that day when her Etsy email told her she had a sale. It's an incredible sensation knowing that someone out there liked your product enough to click the "Commit to Buy" button to purchase your item. I know because the next day I also had my first sale. I hope for success for my new Etsy friend and I look forward to swapping stories with her as we continue on this journey. Yet another reason to love Etsy…

Visit the Hoggwash shop: Hoggwash.etsy.com

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