Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cork You

There is something so organic and interesting about cork. Its earthy, old world feel combined with a spongy texture makes it the perfect medium to create a wide range of unusual projects. And that's just what I've discovered in my latest Treasury design. From lamp covers to desk organizers to necklaces, cork is not just for wine bottles anymore.

Did you know that cork:
•    Is environmentally friendly?
•    Is impermeable?
•    Is fire resistant?
•    Is created out of dead cells on a cork oak tree?
•    Is good for insulation for both noise and temperature?
•    Was found in Egyptian tombs?

Pretty cool stuff. And here are the pretty cool Etsy sellers featured in my Treasury who made some neat things out of it: KamLampCompany, AmoreVivo, TheSmallObject, Uncorked, Amoronia, TheCrumpetCloset, SweetsHorn, PaintedPearStudio, Makalewakan, Annacote, SunnyDayArtandCraft, ErdeDesigns.

To learn more about the amazing properties of cork, visit Wikipedia and


  1. This is wonderful! I love all the little facts. Great blog. I'm very happy you included my cork ball.

  2. What a fab idea for a treasury!!! And I love all your selections, as they are so different from each other, yet using the same material... Wonderful!

  3. Stunning treasury and the idea is absolutely lovely!!!

  4. This is beautiful- what a wonderful blog- thank you for the mention Mia!!