Sunday, September 6, 2009

6 a.m. on a Sunday

Even though I'm generally up at the crack of dawn most mornings, there is something about Sunday that makes waking up before the birds just plain wrong. The kiddo is sleeping. The husband is sleeping. Even the needy cat is snoozing away this morning. Yet here I am sitting on my computer.

I have no real explanation for my early rising. I certainly wasn't trying to catch a worm - or a treasury for that matter. In my pre-coffee haze I sat down at my computer and to my surprise, I had 13 whole minutes before a treasury opened up. Even though my eyes were blurry and mind scrambled, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to curate even at 6:00 a.m. 

So here it is… my early morning, pre-Venti-coffee-with-cream treasury. There is no theme or real rhyme or reason to it; I was just inspired by this sly little fox created by the whimsical artist, MissBrigette and worked the design around him. I'm pleased. Enjoy!

The sellers are: bagladymomma, thebrickkiln, fashionrefined, LuckyBluebirdArt, lesperancetile, thelittlefox, UnaOdd, chicallure, MissBrigette, kangas, KarenRadtke, signchick1

The alternates: TessaAnn, NinjaBowTique, MarsDesign, graphixoutpost

MissBrigette's (Brigette B.) blog:

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  1. Lovely collection! I love fall and this collection reminds me of the beginning of fall -lovely! Thank you for including my pod necklace with these lovely pieces!