Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coffee with Cream, Please

Mmmmm. Coffee... If you read my last post about waking up before the roosters, then you know I need copious amounts of it to start my day. In fact, my wonderful husband is out on a java run as I type this. What a good man.

I love the way coffee smells, the way it tastes and they way it looks as the cream swirls around changing it from a dark brown to the perfect tan color. No lattes for me. Just a good, strong, fresh brew with cream only, please (preferably served in a large, white paper cup with a green logo on it.)

So here are some sellers to start your day. They are sure to perk you up with their wonderfully, caffeinated products. Enjoy!

The featured sellers: JDWolfePottery, Isotope, MapleHillFarm, joojoo, IntuitiveProductions, FortuneCookieCafe, jackandbee, TracyChong, SofaGarden, ArtSpot, karley, retrokitsch

Altnerates: EnchantedlyYours, fyberknitics, JanAndJonJewelry, FlirtBags

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