Thursday, September 10, 2009

Snow White

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved Snow White. Yes, that little girl would be me. My father made a big production out of taking me to see it for the first time in the theater and I remember getting all dressed up for the special event.  If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, without hesitation I would tell you, "Snow White." I'm sure the fact that I look very similar to Snow has nothing to do with it. Honest.

Flash forward to present day. I still love Snow White and her seven little friends. I still collect vintage and vintage looking memorabilia and best of all - I now have my very own mini-me, er, I mean mini-Snow in my daughter.  Thankfully she loves her as much as I do (ok, I admit it, she might have been influenced just a little bit) and just like me her first movie in the theater will be none other than - you guessed it - Snow White.

The movie comes to theaters about every 10 years so for us to be able to experience it on the big screen is incredible. To add to my excitement, it's playing at the very special Disney theater in Hollywood, The El Capitan. The El Cap provides a live action pre-show before the movies with dancing Disney princesses and an elaborate, interactive exhibit after the movie. I’m in Snow heaven.

Here's my latest Treasury -- a tribute to the Fairest One of All – Etsy style! Enjoy these enchanting sellers:   PaisleyChainsaw, strangeling, lildecalshoppe, solocosmo, vol25, Laloca, TheNebulousKingdom, whitemagic, thelibrarian, WideEyedMusings, blueoctober, dinolover77

The alternates: inkpainter, blinkphoto, SalvageNation, MuddyFeet



  1. How preciously sweet! Who can't LOVE Snow White?? Enjoy your special day with the little one. Thank heavens for little girls to help us re-live our own childhood!

  2. She's my little dream come true! I'm sure I will get far more enjoyment out of this special day than she will even realize. Can't wait! XOXO, MR